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Office Careers

Industrial Roofing & Siding, CO.

Recruiter/Training & Development Coordinator

Lewiston, Maine 04240

The incumbent is responsible for recruiting and sourcing team talent, using various platforms and following the employee lifecycle to ensure appropriate training and growth opportunities are being provided. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES for Recruiting 1. Establish relationships with local schools, military leaders, and other organizations to ensure access to top candidates. 2. Work directly with HR Manager to create and post new position advertisements and determine where to post. 3. Attend relevant job fairs and other hiring events. 4. Work directly with HR Manager to ensure accurate job descriptions are in place for each position. 5. Review resumes, categorize applicants, and alert HR manager to best applicants. 6. Work with HR Manger to determine who should be involved in interviews. 7. Conduct phone screens for potential hires. 8. Coordinate interview schedules. 9. Conduct reference checks and document conversations. 10. Coordinate pre-employment process and orientation. 11. Communicate with candidates throughout recruiting cycle in a professional and friendly manner. 12. Work with Department Manger to determine offer details for final candidates. 13. Establish social media presence, working with marketing to promote company branding and community awareness. 14. Work with management to establish annual goals for recruitment and retention. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES for Training and Development 1. Develop, administer and supervise IRC Academy to include matriculation, participation and progression of all trainees. 2. Be accountable for all aspects of the training programs across relevant functions: planning, design, delivery, and evaluation, according to best practices. 3. Develop and monitor mentor program to ensure success of new hires. 4. Design training at scale to help support growth trajectory. 5. Collaborate with different function heads to help determine training curriculums necessary and identify training needs. 6. Execute relevant trainings when necessary to help ensure minimal bottlenecks in team capacity, and in turn, strategize and execute on plans to limit team capacity bottlenecks. 7. Develop relevant metrics and Key Performance Indicators to help measure success of training initiatives. 8. Provide feedback cross-functionally around trainees, trainers and their performance and make recommendations for evolution of training program.